English Language Arts 8A
Welcome to English Language Arts 8A.  

Checkout the Course Outline for timelines and assessment information.

Students complete most of their assignments using GOOGLE Apps for Education.  Ask me about being linked to our Google Classroom for regular assignment updates - just select "Contact Me" from the menu and I will send you an invitation!  The Google Classroom Calendar is linked to the Calendar in the menu too.

In November students are SYNTHESIZING their research and designing a persuasive slide for our Remembrance Day Assembly (10 November, 10:30 am).  They continue to write in the FALL ONGOING WRITING assignment, due in November, and read intentionally, looking for author techniques.

October begins our FALL ONGOING WRITING assignment, ongoing READING COMPREHENSION strategy lessons and discussions around AUTHOR TECHNIQUES, as well as our Remembrance Day INQUIRY PROJECT.  They continue to participate in mini-lessons around reading comprehension skills and research skills (Main Idea & Supporting Details, Identifying Keywords and their Synonyms, Using the FIND tool to Skim and Scan Text, How to Summarize Research, Using Digital Tools to Maintain a Bibliography, ...)

September is a BASELINE ASSESSMENT month, where your teen is reviewing skills and showing what they can do in terms of reading, writing, research, revising, and collaboration.  We are using a variety of technology tools including Read-Write-Google, Google Classroom, Google Docs & Google Draw, and EasyBibliography (an Add On to Google).  We are also examining the novels being read from an author's perspective.

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