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Welcome to Social Studies 9A & 9B.

Please follow this link to the Course Outline for information on units and assessments.  The Calendar link in the menu will link to our Google Classroom assignment dates.  If you would like regular updates about assignments, please "Contact Me" and I will send you an invitation to our Google Classroom.

Upcoming Assessments for November:

1. Government Assessment will occur 2-3 November 2016.
a) The definitions and relationship between the branches of Canadian government (legislative, executive, judicial)
b) The Legislative Process (how a bill becomes a law in Canada)
c) The Senate: appointment process and roles
d) Democracy (what it is, is not, pros and cons)

2. Analysis - the Inter-relationships of Geography and Politics (will be posted in Google Classroom 1-4 Nov 2016)

3. Source Analysis & PAT Multiple Choice Assessment on the Canadian electoral process - 8-9 November 2016

4. Position Paragraph: Which electoral process will best represent Canadians? (will be posted in Google Classroom 15-18 November 2016)

September introduces the students to source analysis.  They must make critical observations of a source and consider what they already know (background knowledge) about a topic.  Teens will also begin to take a position and support it with an argument.  We have made analogies, comparing the Government structures in Canada to types of cookies and the LEGISLATIVE PROCESS to many different interests!  We examined the Senate, considering the questions: "Who should be a Senator?" and "Is the Senate the essential chamber of sober second thought or is it an expensive retirement home that should be abolished?"

In October we move into Quality of Life, DEMOCRACY, and the ELECTION PROCESS in Canada.  Students will examine the election alternatives being considered by our Liberal Government and complete their first Action Project by writing a letter to the Government Committee, recommending their choice with supporting reasons.

Please contact me with any questions using the "Contact Me" link in the menu.