Parent Info MOMO

Parent Info MOMO
MOMO infoDear Parents / Guardians ,
MOMO has been making headlines in the last few weeks . What seemingly started out to be a hoax has  now evolved into something far more nefarious . Children may be drawn to it ,as with any other internet trending item , but it can be very disturbing to them .
MOMO is being reported to be a scary - looking figure that appear s on social media and online videos tailored to appeal to children . Reportedly the figure challenges young
viewers to act out behaviors that range from harmless to quite dangerous - including hurting themselves and others . Then warns the viewers if they don ' t participate their
families may be harmed .
Incidents of the MOMO challenge have popped up in various online sources , such as edited versions of WhatsApp and YouTube videos . Both of those platforms have strict guidelines against posting any videos that encourage harm , and strongly urge viewers to report any of these videos they may find .
As a parent or guardian , you may decide to discuss MOMO with your child ( ren ) . When speaking with your children , remind them that if they see anything online ,  that frightens or disturbs them , regardless of source - MOMO or otherwise - they should stop watching
immediately and tell a trusted adult . Attached is a pamphlet from National Online Safety , a group that specializes in Online safety for schools and children , that may help you in speaking with your child . Here are some other resources t h at you may find helpful :
Smart Social : http s : / / smartsocial . com / momo - challenge - safety - guide /
Washington Post article on YouTube safety :
https : / / www . washingtonpost . com / technolo gy / 201 9 / 0 2 / 24 / pediatrician - exposes - suicide - ti
ps children - hidden - videos - youtube - youtube - kids
If you or your child has concerns about the MOMO Challenge , please feel free to contact your
school ( fill in the contact person ] .
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